jueves, 23 de abril de 2009


I must admit that this month was not a great month for me, i was wrong, good and bad moments, but bad because i could not sit in front of the computer and stay awake for even 10 minutes to write something because im tired dead and i want sleep and sleep so i did not know WHAT write.maybe it is because i'm going through a new period in my life, with many new things and new expectations and new everything, still can not fully cope with this, it is a huge change from the body to the way of living, i guess i'll find a way to accept and live as if i had lived dor same so long time, after all is not so bad, i am also very happy to have what i have and the love of my great love and the guidance of Allah i believe it's enough to be extremely happy
so ...i need gain new strength and move forward

Life is complicated but we know that we moving forward with our own forces!!!

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