lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

Purpose Fulfilled

awake to a technicolor dawn
embrace the fresh morning dew
walk bare foot in the sand
as waves break into soothing song
along shell strewn shores

all i need is a moment
that second of euphoria
enraptured with the sound
amazed with the view
alive with the feeling

a walk within the redwoods,
connected to my beloved
a stroll along the beach
breathing in the essence
touching every nerve

Allow yourself to let go
as though free floating
let your mind meditate
comforted by the lack of ego
be still and listen

let my hand be yours,
let divine breath fill your lungs
exhale with thought,
inhale with intention
be here now, this very moment

undiscovered peace lies just beyond
a finger's width away
a moment from your grasp
self seeking nothing
you find it all at once

only a moment
can open the door
to divine destiny
selfless living
purpose fulfilled

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