miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

Will Be Another Day

Now you call me a game called,
and at night you can find,
is a thousand messages to see you,
when I get home,
when you come back I'm going
and continue to pursue,
all my stress and everything is upside down,
but smiled and nothing matters now,
me if this is not another day is today.

Give me just a moment,
just a moment to disconnect from the world,
well you know what I feel but I try
live always remain so,
and a kiss at the time will stop
if not what I sense today will be another day.

A laughter in answering,
I recognize the voice of someone who is,
I am looking for but it is always late,
you make me go up and down
to let me take your hand,
I never bored of this love,
for you for me is always like that,
There is no contract there is nothing to invent
if not we are together today will be another day.

1 comentario:

AdRi dijo...

another day?? why no : today??