lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Malasian face?????? o0???????

I have a friend who thinks that I'm not me .
He see my photo and said:you are from Malaysia and not from Peru, but HEYYYY!!! I may face a girl from Malaysia? NOOOOO OF COURSE NOOOO!!!! I am as cebiche peruvian, I am as peruvian potato Huayre!!
well well.. is ok , in my from only 1 sector is very peruvian and its in Cuzco , Perú has many people from many pleaces, Perú has from : japan, brasil, arjentin, mexico, ecuador,germany,spain, panama,puerto rico,cuba,china, and much more...but more more peru has people from japan , from malaysia...i dont know; it was much time ago of course when Cristobal Colon and Pizarro( from spain) came to Perú -.-' and much more...if you want know much more, you can reas peruvian history.
and STILL:
I can not understand WHY this friend is saying : you are not peruvian ...
pleasee friends!! peopleee!! can anybody help me??? I have the face of a Peruvian latina girl's face or a girl from Malaysia???
Becouse i can say manythings...but you and you and youu yess youu my friend who is reading this blog SAY ME THE TRUE!!
If you say to me a different thing will be ok ( maybe im like a mexican girl :S ) but say it only ok
and about my turk but is russian im thinking ;) :D


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un pobre hombre dijo...

everybody know that you re peuvian and you have a face of peruvian but why he think that. What caused him to think so. this caused that you re a muslim. he think that you re a malasian girl because people of malasian re muslim. He thought it wrong that he should have said, Are you Muslim. because muslim like muslim. muslims like muslims with light in the face, shining of eyes, the seriousness of to talk, the position, the dignity of to walk, all aspects to living up. muslims like muslims.