sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

Come on Alexander!!!!!!!

I'm excited, 6 years ago i could meet you, i will not say how we met, but i must say that you're a lovely man, i love to chat with you and share more about this great violin! and here i leave one of the most important videos for me and for you of course ;) thanks for your friendship, congratulations my friend, and continuing with the song because its so beautiful!! :)

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un pobre hombre dijo...

hi. realy is Alexander your friend? how did you meet him. hmm. interesting

şevval nur dijo...
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şevval nur dijo...

yes Al is my friend, and he is a good boy, and i cant tell to nobody how i met him sorry, he is reading my blog everytime so he know this

sagita.ari dijo...

" ....is a lovely man" :D ohhhhhhh eyy he is mine ! he dont know it but he know now grrrrr... og hvis jeg spøk igjen,jeg dreper deg for en gal og drepte ham, men alex ( in kissessssss!!))
see you soon Jessi ;) good luck with you ..... :D
muak muak

Alry dijo...

thank jess for it :) SOSSWAAAAA!! you are lovely also and ...again??? when you want
see you.