domingo, 12 de julio de 2009


HOW we started to talking? i thougth . The answer came to me as a film stored in my brain.
I remember the place, and how the moment, i do not remember the exact date not remember if was you who first said "I love you" or;the latter is not important i think. The important thing is our result.I can say many things but the imagen will say much more. I love you bebe

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un pobre hombre dijo...

our result dont change anytime. my eyes testify that i love you, and my heart is the proof for it. my lips sing a song for our love. my soul re your right beside every time, when sleeping, walking, eating, working, everytime i m there. can you feel it. because feel you my right beside everytime. te amo mucho, te amo tanto. my love.

AdRi dijo...

if you can say"our love will be forever" I could be delivered completely and wholly yours always!
Just let me fall into your arms, kiss me, caress me, make me know that our love is forever.
te amooooooooooooooooooooo corazón!!!!!!!!
te quiero loquita :'( ya me hiciste recordar buu!